Kristin Basha’s path into the legal industry didn’t surprise her or any of the people who know her best.

“I have always known I would be an attorney,” she said. “I’ve always been told I would be an attorney. I think I was even voted ‘Most Likely to Be an Attorney’ in school. I always advocate for what I believe in, advocate for what I think is right.”

When asked if she always knew Basha would become an attorney, Lisa Bellah, a childhood friend, added, “I had no doubt in my mind that she would be a lawyer when she grew up. As long as I have known her, she said she would be a lawyer. And as long as I have known her (which is a long time!) she never once said she was going to do something and didn’t do it. Her passion is palpable and her tenacity is unmatched. She strives to be the best and really encourages those around her to do the same. She has lit a fire under me many times and pushed me out of my comfort zone to really show me what I can do (especially in our soccer days, but really in life). Most of all, she has always had the compassion to help others which completes the foundation of why she is such a good attorney, person and friend.”

What makes Basha’s career as an attorney at Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, PA, special is her dedication to her career and family. She has maintained a highly successful practice, which focuses on personal injury, health care and medical malpractice litigation, while continuing to raise her family.

Basha credits the unwavering support of her husband and colleagues with allowing her an attempt at a work/life balance.

“I want to be the best attorney that I can be, and I want my children to know that they are my No. 1 priority,” she said.

In a very important manner, motherhood helped further focus Basha’s legal career. She describes herself as always health conscious, but her interest in the environment, medicine and the human body only increased with the addition of her children.

Basha’s legal career has spanned many practice areas, but personal injury, health care and medical malpractice have become her passion. RCDM allows her to pursue litigation specific to these areas while learning from and teaming with successful, experienced trial attorneys like Bill Drury and Jack Klecan.

“Kristin is a joy to work with,” Klecan said. “She is conscientious, creative, and dedicated to the clients and to the firm. She recently expanded her practice to include defense of a ski area and has undertaken this work with the same zeal as her other practice areas. Kristin is enthusiastic about developing new clients, advancing opportunities for women, and maintaining the work/family balance.”

“Part of who I am is what I’m doing in my legal career. I enjoy my practice,” Basha added. “It’s all about finding the right fit and finding an environment that supports you.”

RCDM has been that environment for Basha while she navigates the challenges of being a young female attorney in the male-dominated practice area of litigation. She has been named a Rising Star by Southwest Super Lawyers each year since 2014 as she’s continued to achieve successful results for clients in all aspects of litigation — from the investigation of claims to settlement negotiations to trials.

Outside of the office and courtroom, Basha and her family enjoy all opportunities to hike and bike together. They enjoy their trips to the beach where Basha reconnects to her California roots. Spending quality time at home with her family, you’ll find her cooking/baking with her kids, watching movies, swimming, and, whenever possible, expanding her culinary palate discovering new foods with her husband.

Basha believes the support she has received from RCDM’s leadership has given her confidence in her abilities and kept her in a place where she feels comfortable prioritizing her family life with her career aspirations.

“As you get older, your priorities shift,” Basha said. “I wanted to start a family, and that was a shift in my priorities. (The support) just helped me set expectations and boundaries. It made me feel confident in my ability to say this is who I am and this is what I can do. I knew I was valuable, and RCDM has affirmed that belief I have in myself.”