When it comes to medical malpractice and healthcare litigation, few attorneys can provide the depth of knowledge that comes from four decades of legal experience. Fewer still can draw on their own education as a pharmacist to enhance their understanding of the medical issues relating to a legal case. But what really sets Ken Baker apart from other attorneys is his commitment to high quality care for his clients and the patients they serve.

Hospitals, pharmacies, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, healthcare associations and regulatory agencies look to Ken for guidance and direction in navigating the ever-changing delivery of healthcare in our society. Whether representing a pharmacist before a pharmacy board or consulting with a law firm on a pharmacy liability case, Ken works with his clients to find strategies to improve patient care while reducing their risk of liability.

Quality assurance has been one focus of Ken’s distinguished career. He was a pioneer in quality assurance programs and monitoring systems for medication errors, co-inventing the Pharmacy Quality Commitment assurance system, the Sentinel pharmacy risk management workflow system and the Quality Manager error tracking program.
Ken was recognized for his efforts to improve patient safety and for his overall contributions to the field with the American College of Apothecaries Service to Pharmacy Award and the American Society for Pharmacy Law Outstanding Pharmacy Legacy Award.

As a recognized expert with a unique perspective, Ken has written extensively on a range of issues relating to risk management, pharmacy law and pharmacy liability in pharmacy textbooks as well as numerous pharmacy journals. He is often asked to speak at conferences for medical professionals, healthcare administrators and attorneys.

In addition to his law practice, Ken teaches pharmacy law as an adjunct faculty member at Midwestern University College of Pharmacy in Glendale, Arizona, and an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in Gainesville.


University of Iowa, College of Pharmacy: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Law and Ethics
Iowa Lakes Community College: Business Law
Briar Cliff College: Business Law


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OTHER GROUPS AND LECTURES: University of Iowa, California Pharmacists Association, Nebraska Pharmacist Association, University of Missouri at Kansas City, Drake University, Georgia Pharmacists Association, Midwest Pharmacy Law Conference; Kansas Society of Hospital Pharmacists; Missouri Society of Hospital Pharmacists; Texas Pharmacists Association, University of Minnesota; Washington State Pharmacists Association, Ohio Society of Health System Pharmacists.


Obtained a non-disciplinary letter of concern and obtained a closure of the matter without discipline for a nurse who had two complaints made against her license regarding treatment of an elderly home-bound patient. In our appearance before the board, we explained the reasons behind the allegations, including conversations with the physician and earlier broad directions given by the physician.

In Memoriam



Medical Malpractice and Healthcare Litigation
Administrative Law and Regulatory Investigations


American Society for Pharmacy Law: past president
Arizona Pharmacists Association
Arizona Pharmacy Alliance
Pharmacy Marketing Group: past president
Iowa Pharmacists Association
Iowa Pharmacy Foundation




Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis, J.D., cum laude, 1975
Purdue University, B.S., Pharmacy, 1967