We focus on creative, aggressive, and cost-effective means of resolving cases. Our depth of experience and our decades-long history practicing in Arizona courts has uniquely positioned us to defend and resolve cases in federal and state courts. Unlike other firms, who litigate cases as if no one is providing oversight, our firm’s roots in insurance defense has focused our approach in cost-effective and efficient resolution of cases.  

In addition to the way we train our attorneys, we take advantage of our association through the American Law Firm Association (ALFA International) a global network of firms. This association provides us the ability to call on the expertise of several thousand lawyers to save cost and gain a tactical advantage for clients. ALFA also provides a benefit to our clients who have access to a wide range of professional and educational resources produced by member firms, including on-site seminars, teleseminars, a speaker’s bureau, and countless reference publications.


“As always, my attorney and his team do an awesome job for us. I respect and appreciate that he and his team is communicative and mindful of our interests as well as the insurance carrier’s.”

– Lucille Thompson, Director of Risk Management, InSight Health Corp.

“My attorney was very knowledgeable and forthright in his approach to my case. He obviously has a good deal of experience in dealing with the board. He remained practical and steady when my emotions were running high. I like his down-to-earth, non-flamboyant style. My case turned out favorable, and more favorable than we both expected near the end. I would recommend my attorney to anyone facing similar issues with the board.”

– Thomas Callahan, LCSW, CEAP, SAP


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